Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray

Tom Brady - NFL Media Panel

Episode Summary

After becoming the first NFL player to throw for 600 Touchdowns, Tom Brady and Jim Gray host a very special media panel with some of the biggest names to ever cover the game of football. ESPN's Chris Berman, Scott Van Pelt and Adam Schefter ask Tom about when he will call it quits, if he remembers to losses more than wins and his interaction with a special fan during this past weekend's Bucs win. FOX Sports NFL broadcasters Jay Glazer and Erin Andrews ask TB 12 about learning from his mistakes, what it's like to coach an aging superstar and the defining moment he'll remember from his career. Legendary radio host and NBC Sports/Peacock broadcaster Dan Patrick grilled Brady about balancing the work-family life and more. Hall of Fame QB Steve Young was one of Tom Brady's heroes as a kid and the two all-time greats discussed preparation and the importance of paying it forward to the next generation. Larry Fitzgerald, Colin Cowherd, Pam Oliver, Kevin Harlan, Jim Nantz, Bill Cowher and more also stopped by for a rare opportunity to speak directly with the 7x Super Bowl champion.